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How can I become a licensed seller of Stanton Watches? Contact us directly if you are a store owner who would like to carry our watches in your watch store, jewelry store, or boutique. Email: or call 917.703.1954

How do I wind the movement of my mechanical watch? When the crown/stem is in the closed (fully compressed) position, turn the crown/stem approximately 25 full rotations in a clockwise direction to wind the movement completely. Please note that we do not recommend fully winding the watch manually. Manually overwinding your watch can damage the movement. We recommend simply turning the crown/stem about 10-15 rotations and letting the motion of your arm take care of the rest.

How do I set the date? Pull the stem out to the first position to set the date manually by rotating the crown/stem clockwise. 

How do I set the time on my new watch? Pull the stem into the second position to adjust the time. You will be able to rotate the crown/stem to manually adjust the hour and minute hands.

Should I be servicing the movement of my mechanical watch? We use mechanical movements in our watches, which means that the watch is keeping accurate time through the functioning of many gears, springs, and other parts. On occasion, those parts will need to be serviced to make sure that all the necessary oils have not dried and to ensure that the intricate elements are functioning properly. We recommend having your watch movement serviced at least every five years. Most jewelers have professionals who are qualified to service the movement in our watches.

Is my watch waterproof and can I swim with it on? Our watches are water resistant, however, they are not waterproof. You should never swim while wearing your watch and you should never fully submerge your watch because this could cause irreparable harm to the mechanical movement. With that said, our watches are certainly water resistant and will be fine if caught in the rain, splashed while hanging out by the pool, or splashed while washing your hands, etc. 

How do I adjust the folding clasp on my Ludlow Edition? Our watch straps, clasps, and buckles vary depending on the particular watch edition that you have purchased. Most questions with regard to the watch straps are directed toward the Ludlow Edition expanding clasp. To open the clasp, simply pull firmly on the portion that is not fixed to the band. Set the size by pulling the head of the clasp open. (The head hinges open like a door hinge). Once you fit the clasp to the proper hole on the band, simply snap the head of the clasp shut. Finally, fold the clasp down and secure the band by snapping it together in the fully collapsed position.

What is the best way to clean my watch?  When cleaning your watch, we recommend using a soft jewelry cloth. Use the cloth to gently remove any dust or dirt from the case and then polish. We do not recommend using any chemical based cleaner on the watch. If your watch has reached the point where you cannot clean it with a lint-free jewelry cloth, than you should bring it to your local jeweler for a professional cleaning. 

My one-year warranty is over but I'm having an issue, can you help? Absolutely. We warranty our movements for one year but we are happy to work with our valued supporters to make sure that their watch owning experience is a positive one. If you need help, we encourage you to send us an email. 

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