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The Stanton Watch Co is an independent watchmaking company based in Summit, New Jersey.

We build exceptional timepieces.


The Stanton Watch Co is an independent watchmaking company based in Summit, NJ. The company was founded in 2011 and has always focused on building exceptional timepieces that can be worn and appreciated for generations. Each watch that is made by The Stanton Watch Co is built with patience, passion, and precision. As a boutique watchmaker, The Stanton Watch Co dedicates itself to building quality watches for a community of customers that share a passion for great timepieces. 



Founder / Watchmaker

Instagram: @StantonWatchCo

Mike is the founder and watchmaker of The Stanton Watch Co. He is a former competitive skier who found a new path in life after some injuries changed his plans. He worked in finance trading stocks and even went to law school, but through it all, he always stayed involved in the watch community. Mike was introduced to watches when he was young and was always interested in the art of a mechanical timepiece. He learned the intricacies of mechanical movements through years of practice taking apart and re-assembling watch movements. Mike started out by building one-off custom watches for friends and family but after a couple years of word-of-mouth growth, he had a waiting list for his timepieces and his passion project grew into a business. In 2011, he launched The Stanton Watch Co and began offering limited edition timepieces under his self-titled brand. Today, his watch company has grown into a respected boutique watchmaking company based in Summit, NJ. 



The Stanton Watch Co is an active member of the watch community. If you would like to learn about upcoming events, please email us at with your preferred contact info and we'll send you periodic updates!

You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook @StantonWatchCo




Professional Artist

Instagram: @GlossBlack

Raised in the greater Philadelphia area, Jimmy (aka Glossblack) is an American graffiti writer who began painting in the early 2000s. Today, with over a decade of work under his belt, he has solidified himself as a nationally recognized practitioner of the art. Today, his work is predominantly in aerosol and oil paint, which always includes dynamic lettering, bold colors, layering techniques, and dedication to cleanliness. He continues to test the boundaries of bold typographic art and although each piece is much different from the next, they are instantly recognizable as his own.

Jimmy continues to inspire us with his vision and creativity. We are proud to call him an Ambassador of our brand and we are proud to be worn on his wrist as he continues to create and inspire. Jimmy currently wears our Newport Edition (Blue Series). 


Film Editor 

Instagram: @GregMitchels

Greg is an award winning film Editor based out of NYC who's inspiring talents have received widespread accolades. Greg has worked on projects that have recieved two Emmy Awards Nominations, the Promax BDA Gold and Bronze Awards, a New York Television Festival Bronze World Medal, and the CLIO Entertainment Award. Greg is an inspiring creator with an artistic eye for telling stories. His film editing portfolio includes pieces for A+E, History, CBS, Lifetime, HBO, numerous music videos and more. When he is not editing, you might hear his voiceover work in the theaters or you might hear his music as a guitar player in the punk rock band, Jaguar Shark. 

Greg embodies creativity, passion, and ambition. It's an honor to be on his wrist as he continues to inspire with his creativity.